September 16, 2020

Vaping Stocks: Why Turning Point Brands May Be The Best One To Buy

Vaping Stocks: Turning Point Brands

The cannabis industry is on the rise, making it more valuable each passing day. Today, cannabis-related products are being highly used, especially in countries where cannabis is legal, such as Canada.

As expected, with high demand come more valuable stocks. It is no secret that purchasing vaping stocks can secure someone’s future and get you ahead of the crowd for those who are already familiar with the stock market. 

Like any other stock, it’s essential to know how vaping stocks transform and the best one to buy. 

If you are interested in discovering the world of vaping stocks, you might benefit from a success story. 

Read on to find out why Turning Point Brands may be the best one to buy.

Vaping Stocks

To have success on the stock market, you need to be really well-informed about various industries and business trends, and you need to have that ‘something extra’ that pushed you to risk to gain profit. Or, you may just follow what others did before you successfully.

Investors are always willing to invest extra money in areas that could get them more profit. 

However, they are more willing to invest in companies that have already proven trustworthy and financially stationary. This is the main reason why Turning Points Brands may be the best one to buy. 

Turning Points Brands – Success Story

In 2019, Turning Points Brands made a huge step when they decided to invest $1 million in a Canadian distribution entity, known as REC Marketing.


The Turning Points Brands invested an initial $1 million, assigned to a total of $3 million upon reaching certain targets. In return, they got a 30% stake in 10233625 Canada Corp. (d/b/a Recreation Marketing, “ReCreation”). 

A Kentucky-based industry, the Turning Points Brands, is one of the leading marketers of Other Tobacco Products (OTP) and adult consumer alternatives. 

ReCreation is a specialty marketing and distribution firm with a primary focus on Canadian vaping, smoking, and alternative product categories. 

In Canada, the use of cannabis is legal, and it makes this country perfect for all-cannabis related products. 

Also, Recreation Marketing is on the rise. Since no obvious platforms, such as Google Ads, etc. aren’t allowed to promote cannabis-related products, the best way manufacturers choose to partner up with REC marketing agencies is to sell their products. 

This is why the Turning Point Brands will use the ReCreation platform to launch RipTide®, TPB’s proprietary, groundbreaking non-tobacco e-liquid vape technology, into the Canadian market as well as a wide variety of Nu-X Ventures LLC products, including a portfolio of CBD products as regulations permit. 

Also, this is a good base for further business development and stock growth. Moreover, this is why investors should be looking into Turning Point Brands – they did penetrate the Canadian market by using REC Marketing, and now they will expand. 

The latest info shows that TPB will increase its stake in ReCreation to a 50% ownership position. TPB also holds a newly-created subsidiary, Turning Point Brands (Canada) Inc.

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