November 25, 2022

What Influences Degradation of THC and Other Cannabinoids?

What Influences Degradation of THC and Other Cannabinoids?

The cannabis plant becomes perishable as soon as it gets harvested from the farm. Once picked, there is a small window within which you need to store it in adequate conditions to elongate its freshness. Once dried out, the plant becomes dismal, and it becomes difficult to extract the necessary ingredients or take it for further processing. 

Within the window of storage for cannabis plants, other external factors may lead to its degradation, which in turn will affect the quality of components such as THC and other cannabinoids. Therefore, one needs to consider these factors and take appropriate steps to prevent degradation. Hence, here’s a look at some elements that need to be considered when storing cannabis plants to avoid degradation.

3 Factors That Play a Role in THC & Cannabinoid Degradation

  • The Temperature it’s Stored at

 The recommended temperature for cannabis storage is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, location, weather conditions, room settings, and more can affect the temperature, leading to degradation. Extreme high temperatures can make it too humid or lead to the plant completely drying out. 

A rise in humidity may also lead to the growth of bacteria and mold that can affect the quality of cannabinoid components and prevent them from being processed and put in use. Similarly, extreme cold temperatures can prove to be harmful as well. 

It could lead to frost developing, increasing the moisture level, thus causing the growth of external bacteria that can degrade the cannabis components. 

  • UV Light & Oxygen

These elements can cause the highest level of degradation for cannabis plants. If left exposed to UV light for too long, the organic compounds break down rapidly, reducing the effectiveness of THC and other cannabinoids. 

Similarly, overexposure to oxidizing environments is harmful and degrading as THC will convert to CBN faster, thus losing any effectiveness present in the plant when harvested.

  • Humidity 

The optimal humidity range for cannabis storage is between 59% to 63%. Beyond that, whether higher or lower, it can lead to the degradation of the cannabis plants and affect the quality of THC and other cannabinoids found in them. 

High humidity means there will be more moisture present in the air. Unless measures are taken to control temperatures and humidity levels, the cannabis plants may end up growing mold and losing their quality, thus rendering them unusable. 

Similarly, with low humidity, more dryness will be present, preventing the plants from having the optimal environment to thrive in before processing. Low humidity means that cannabis plants would dry out completely and may not be suitable for final processing.

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Why Do These Factors Need to be Considered?

  • Considering all the forces that can lead to the degradation of cannabis plants is essential to create high-quality and reliable settings. It helps to store the harvested plants and retain their freshness before they are processed and converted into numerous products such as juices for use in a vape pen or cartridges as part of a 510 thread battery.


  • Cannabis plants containing THC and other vital cannabinoids need to stay of the best quality possible to prevent the loss of their effectiveness. These components are often used for medical purposes, so keeping them in suitable environments when storing them is necessary.


  • Considering the elements that can cause degradation allows one to be mindful of how the plants are harvested. It is easier to care for the plants and maintain their freshness so that when harvested, they can immediately be kept in a space that retains their quality and the effectiveness of THC and other vital cannabinoids. Farms can be set up close to the storage area to avoid the risk of exposure to dust and other external bacteria.


Once harvested, cannabis plants become extremely perishable if suitable conditions are unavailable to store them and retain their freshness. If degradation starts taking place, the plants lose their effectiveness, and there is a drastic drop in the quality of THC and other essential cannabinoids present in the plant. 

To prevent such instances from taking place, it becomes necessary to set up spaces that will provide the optimal conditions for storing cannabis and retaining its quality and freshness. It will enable them to maintain their effectiveness and keep them in the best position to be processed further. 

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