October 6, 2019

What To Know Before Giving Your Pet CBD?


What To Know Before Giving Your Pet CBD?

Ever since researchers have hinted at innumerable healthful benefits of medical cannabis, CBD products for pets are becoming increasingly popular. Many concerned pet parents are turning towards it in an attempt to provide their beloved babies with natural treatment for various health issues.

The benefits of CBD ranges from pain relief to stress management. Apart from this, it is suggested to improve quality of life and help in managing symptoms for many chronic medical conditions. However, many pet owners are reluctant to give their pets CBD products because it is still an emerging industry that lacks FDA approval. Here, we have listed down a few things you must know before giving your pet the gift of this nature’s miracle substance.

What is CBD?

For those unfamiliar, CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the many naturally occurring cannabinoids found in cannabis plant named cannabis sativa. After much research, scientists and health practitioners have come to a conclusion that it is a component that works naturally with mammalian body’s endocannabinoid system that is responsible for maintaining good health and trigger healing process.

What Problems Does it Treat?

This substance is one of the groundbreaking discoveries in the world of natural medicine. Not only has it benefited humans, but it is effective in treating a host of diseases in animals such as arthritis pain, diabetes, inflammation, and muscle spasms. It lessens the frequency and risks of seizures in the pets.

If you have an excited pet, it provides a calming effect and reduces the symptoms of anxiety and panic. Apart from this, the consumption of mild doses of CBD oil can help in boosting their immune system, balance their appetite, eradicate digestive issues, and improve overall health.

Is It Safe for Your Pets?

Many pet owners are often wondering how safe is CBD oil for their pets. Due to its origin, CBD is thought to have psychotropic effects on the mind causing the so-called “high.” This is not true. CBD does not have mind-altering effects like its cousin THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another component found in the cannabis plant. Meanwhile, products crafted using CBD derived from the hemp plant are considered absolutely safe and within legal limits.

Things you should consider before giving your Pet CBD

One should take care of the following things before buying the Best CBD Oils for your Pets. Several brands releasing pet CBD products in the market but choosing the one after checking lab results and reviews is important. Also, these are a little expensive. Find the best one at an affordable price by using coupons and discounts available online. Always prefer to go for the Full spectrum CBD Oils which can give fast and safe results.

Is It a Cure for Every Illness?

Since the industry lacks standardization, there are several brands that are misleading people by claiming it as a cure for every illness. Even though this component has many therapeutic benefits that may reduce the symptoms but the researchers are yet to give a final verdict on its effectiveness in curing the illnesses completely.

Risks Involved

There have been no severe side effects reported yet, but there is a possibility of potential negative consequences that can occur if the substance is not administered properly. In order to keep your pet safe, it is best to consult the vet as there is little evidence about CBD’s interaction with other drugs and substances. Meanwhile, following the dosage guide is highly recommended as overdosing can cause negative effects.

The potential side effects include drowsiness, dry mouth, and lightheadedness for the pets. These effects are a result to its calming effect on the brain and the ability to lower the blood pressure.

Natural Doesn’t Mean Better

Before purchasing pet CBD oil or any other product, you must investigate properly. Checking out the reviews and test results will help you understand the product better and its potential effects on your little one.

Moreover, if the product claims it is natural doesn’t mean it’s good. Apart from unprocessed marijuana, no product is 100% natural. Anything natural can be highly toxic, too. Therefore, reading labels properly and making the purchase from a reputed brand is the wisest thing to do.

Does your Pet like CBD?

Pet owners are now crazy about pet CBD. why because even the pets can taste and reacts well for it. Do you ever surprised that dogs can easily taste anything? Generally, CBD is used for dogs to cure most of the diseases from anxiety to arthritis. It is true that dogs have 20% less taste buds than human has. In some of the cases wild dogs would nibble of the medicinal plants like hemp to extract some benefits of it.

Infact, medicinal plants usually are bitter and do not taste very good. When it comes to CBD, it has its own flavour which is intense on an unconditioned palate. Dogs perceive bitterness and they won’t feel it as well. But some of the aromas are added to the CBD oils which can change the bitterness of it.

CBD Product Available in Different Forms

Often you will find CBD in the form of oil and chew that can be given to your cats, dogs, horses, and rabbits, orally. While CBD oil and tinctures are one of the most prominent methods of using cannabidiol, they are also easy to consume.

Also, there are delicious candies and treats that they won’t hesitate in wolfing at. As for supplement powders, it is easy to mix it up in their daily meals. Finally, there are creams, salves, and lotions that can be applied topically.

Many pet owners prefer providing the substance orally because they know exactly how much is being consumed. As for topical creams, it is hard to determine how much is being absorbed.


If you decide to use CBD for your pet, you must be careful and implement some preventive measures. Nevertheless, go slow with the doses and always note the changes in their behavior to discuss it later with their vet.

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