June 2, 2020

Jack Herer Seeds | Why People Love Them

Jack Herer Seeds Cannabis Plant

Jack Herer seeds | Buying cannabis seeds online

Ever wonder how cannabis flowers get their names? Today we will be taking a closer look at the popular strain of cannabis called Jack Herer. Jack Herer seeds come from a Sativa dominant strain that was first developed by the Dutch in the Netherlands in the 1990s. Jack Herer is a well-known marijuana activist and best selling author. The seeds of this strain of cannabis plant were named after Jack Herer and remain one of the most popular strains in the world.

Why people love the Jack Herer strain

Most people who use cannabis do it because they want to have a good time, relax, and be happy. These are the characteristics given to those who use the Jack Herer strain. Jack Herer is a versatile cannabis seed that is able to be grown both indoors and outdoors.

The ideal climate for growing Jack Herer is in warm weather, for example in the Mediterranean. The difficulty level for growing Jack Herer is relatively low, meaning that it is a good strain for new growers to start experimenting with.

Sativa and Indica THC levels in Jack Herer

Sativa is the get-up and do stuff kind of weed, while Indica is the sink into the couch stuff. Jack Herer is a hybrid that has a 60% Sativa and 40% Indica balance. The THC level can be up to 20%.

This hybrid balance is highly sought after as it is able to deliver an energetic body buzz for a good length of time. Jack Herer is often compared to ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ as it is not too strong, not too weak, it lasts a while, but not too long, it’s just right.

Jack Herer is a medicinal strain

As a Sativa dominant hybrid strain Jack Herer it is a good mix for most people. One of the most common use cases for Jack Herer is people who identify themselves as having depression. The relaxed yet energetic feeling helps individuals stay positive and enjoy their time. Another popular use case for Jack Herer is for people who are looking to have a creative edge. Jack Herer is known for helping people find inspiration and creativity. Musicians, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs have all found success with the Jack Herer strain.

Jack Herer is a good strain to choose if you are suffering from any of the following medical conditions; stress disorders, anxiety, dizziness, paranoia, and nervousness. One of the side effects of smoking cannabis is getting a dry mouth, through, and eyes. Many people choose to use cannabis vaporizers for this very reason. Vaporizers are designed to heat cannabis to a point where it vaporizes but does not combust. By not combusting cannabis, it is not being set on fire which in turn helps to reduce any tar and carcinogens from entering the human body. Whether you are using a lighter or a vaporizer it is always a good idea to drink lots of water while you are medicating.

Best time to take Jack Herer

Staying true to the famous saying ‘wake and bake’ Jack Herer is a strain that many people choose to take in the morning. Fueled by the high Sativa levels, Jack Herer can help to elevate one’s mood while also providing energy to those who struggle in the morning with fatigue. Another great strain is grandaddy purple feminized seeds, which we recommend if you get the chance to try it.

Jack Herer is not typically the best strain to take at night if you are wanting to fall asleep right away. However, some people choose to take Jack Herer before bed as it helps them to get in the zone, relax and put their brains on autopilot while they think of creative solutions, and come to conclusions.

Grow your own cannabis

Jack Herer seeds are a good place for new growers to start. The difficulty level to grow this strain is relatively easy and the seeds are more adaptive than other cannabis strains. For more information on Jack Herer and other cannabis seeds, you can visit Seed Bank Reviews.

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