June 5, 2017

PAX 4 Vaporizer – Next Generation PAX

​As one of the top portable vaporizer sellers ​in the ​cannabis thc and cbd industry, the next gen model from PAX Vapor the PAX​ 4 is a highly anticipated new device. ​The PAX ​line of portable vaporizers​ ​​has seen huge success on an international level.​ As a result ​​the next generation PAX 4 vaporizer is one of the smart vaporizers ​we look forward to ​getting our hands on. ​

PAX 4 Vaporizer Review - Speculations

​Recent News for PAX Labs inc.

Pax secures $420 million in new funding – Funds To Be Invested in Growth: New Products, New Markets and Talent. Learn more from PAX official site.

​Feature Packed Vaporizers

​​First​, the PAX 2 ​​was introduced with a faster heat up time and longer lasting ​battery​ than the competition. Furthermore, the PAX 3 included app integration, on board games, special vaping modes, and a multi-material oven. ​As a result the PAX line has evolved with the same base design with welcomed upgrades. ​In addition to ​this list of features, the competitive price point has ​helped PAX devices boom in popularity. ​​Recently PAX slashed the prices of the model 2 and model 3.

​PAX 3 NOW $199 / PAX 2 NOW $149

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​In the Fall on 2018 ​PAX Labs released news of ​a huge price drop for the ​PAX 3. As a result we have seen a surge in the sales of their devices. The ​new price ​for the PAX 3 is $199 (down from $279). As a result I would say the PAX 3 is one of the best deals around. ​In addition to the model 3 being reduced in price, ​PAX 2 ​is also now only $149.99.

the PAX 4 Vaporizer

​Vaporizer App Software

Portable vaporizers ​are more ​advanced ​today then they were a few years ago. Due to new features and new technology being introduced​. ​As a result, the software ​in vaporizers ​​is evolving. This is especially relevant with PAX as they were one of the first in the industry to include a mobile application​. In conclusion, we can speculate ​that PAX will probably continue to build upon their application​.​

​​Battery ​Upgrades

​​Improvements have been made to the batteries with each new version of PAX vaporizers. ​Upgrades have included faster charge times and longer usage times. While the actual setup has seen little change.​ Maybe the next generation of PAX will use an external battery ​opposed to an internal battery. ​​External batter​ies allow ​for extended use in addition ​to achieving a longer shelf life. ​It seems most​ new vaporizers being released are using an external battery design. As a result this could ​be something we see in the PAX 4 vaporizer.

PAX 4 release

PAX 4 ​Rumors and Release Date

​As a result of the recent price drops ​maybe there is ​additional news just around the corner. ​​While no official mention of a PAX 4 has been made, we ​have ​enjoyed speculating​​. ​​​For the time being you can browse the current PAX devices and accessories​ from the ​PAX website.

​PAX 3 in the Press

  • Gizmodo – “Its like smoking in the future”​.
  • BroBible – “The PERFECT Gift!”​.
  • Engadget – “The PAX 2 vaporizer makes the predecessor look half baked”.​
  • Forbes – “PAX 3 is like the heated seat in your midsize sedan”​.

PAX New Vaporizer

​PAX 4 Updates

​Updates will be made to this page ​as we learn ​of them. Finally, thank you for taking the time to read up on PAX Labs. While we try ​to keep our articles ​as up to date as possible​. You can check the official PAX website here ​for the most recent news ​regarding the PAX 4.

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