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New Vape Mods 2017 – Regulated and Mechanical Mods

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New Vape Mods 2017 - Vape mods along with the vaporizing industry as a whole is growing at an unprecedented rate. Vaping is an umbrella term that applies to many different types and styles of vaporizers as well as many different peoples needs. Vaporizers can be used for medicinal purposes, for helping to ease one off of tobacco, for vaping dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids. Vape mods specifically are growing the fastest due to the customizable aspect that comes with them. Instead of getting a branded full unit vaporizer, a mod system allows you to mix and match your components and also vape multiple types of materials. Here we look at some of the best new vape mods 2017 has to offer.

Vape mods, both the mod and the tank can be something that you attach yourself to on a personal level. Vaping for many people is more than just a simple session, its an enjoyable aspect of one's life. Whether you are a medicinal cannabis user, a recreation user, an e-juice enthusiast, a vape cloud trickster, or a collector of cool devices, mods and tanks allow you to express yourself.

New Regulated Box Mods 2017

Here are a few new vape mods 2017 releases - these are regulated mods that have the components required to help circulate and regulate the current. These are a safer alternative to mechanical mods (you can see new mech mods in 2017 lower on this page).

Regulated box mods sold individually with no tank system:

New Vape Mods 2017 - top vape mods

i150TC-J Box Mod from Atmos

Regulated Box Mod

Best Box Mod - Atmos Battery Regulated Box Mod

i50TC-J Box Mod from Atmos

Regulated Box Mod

Best Vape Mod Starter Kit - Complete Package

i40TC-J Mini Box Mod Starter Kit

Regulated Liquid Box Mod

  • 1500mAh i40TC-J Mini Box Mod
  • i40TC-J Sub -Ohm Tank
  • .5ohm Organic Cotton Atomizer
  • .2ohm Organic Cotton Atomizer
  • Micro USB Charger
  • User Manual

This is a vape mod starter kit you can buy fairly cheap. The AtmosRX brand is a company that delivers quality products and also provides excellent customer service. You can view more on this starter kit here.

Reactor Shorty Starter Kit Review - Halo Mod Vape

Reactor Shorty Starter Kit

(Regulated Box Mod & Tank)

  • 1x REACTOR 75W Battery (TC)
  • 18650 30A Battery (Avatar)
  • 1x Tank (2 ml) - Reactor Shorty
  • 2x Ni200 Coil Heads (.25 ohm)
  • 1x Mouthpiece - Wide Bore Glass
Halo Reactor Mega Starter Kit Review - US Box Mod Starter Kit

Reactor Mega Starter Kit

(Regulated Box Mod & Tank)

  • 1x REACTOR 80W Battery (TC)
  • 1x Tank (v.2)
  • 2x Ni200 Coil Heads (.15 ohm)
  • 1x Mouthpiece - Wide Bore Glass

New Mech Mods - New Vape Mods 2017

The Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Kit is one of the top selling mech mods. earn more about the Wulf here. If you are looking for a new mech mod please be sure that you are careful and know how they operate. You can read more on mechanical mods here.

Thanks for taking the time to look at some of the new vape mods 2017 has to offer. More information regarding regulated mods, mechanical mods, and tank systems is available through the following resources:

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